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continue lvl 80 mortal and scion?

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  • continue lvl 80 mortal and scion?

    after maintenance all lvl 80 mortal and scion we continue to lvl 100??

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    Yes mortal and scion may level to 100
    Server: Shrine of Kithara (Merged with Lycanmarsh, Celestial Peaks, Celestial Palace, The Void, Angel Island, and Tyria Village)
    Character: Miek
    Pet: Burning Angel<3
    Level: 86 Scion


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      miek can i read that forum?i can`t find it..i mean can you gave me the site about the new anouncement?

      Server: The Void
      character: CriSaM


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        I still think its best for mortal to do RB as soon as he/she reach 80 cuz sooner or later youll do it anyway and the time u spend on lvling 80-100 is such a waste if ur a mortal...


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          I'm beginning to think that if someone cut me open I would bleed your name.


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            You can go on to level 100 as either a scion or a mortal. It is up to you.
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