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[Guide] Pet Equipment

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    How about Legendary Pet Equipment enchanting? We can use only Major Pet Heavenly Crystals or?
    Stalkers OP.

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      But how use Pet Heavenly Crystal?


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        Yes, You have to put them in inventory then switch to your other pet tab and then put them in, i've done this twice ^.^


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          teh thread's aliveee


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            Originally posted by AkiraKusano View Post
            Does anyone here having a same problem with me ? I remember i enchanted my pet weapon to 5 then now when i open game it back to 0, even the quality of pet items, ex it was OS item - but then now it nothing happen ! o_0

            Yeah this did happen to me a few times it is just because of lag so it does not load the enchantment and quality of the items, just refresh the page and log back in and it should be back to normal if not try not then don't use so many app's on your computer to slow it down
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