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Server breakdown today.... Post u comments here

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  • Server breakdown today.... Post u comments here

    What happen to the all server its so lag now>>???!!!! We can use skill or to kill some monster>> We are trapped!! We cant do anything

    fix it now gm pls>>>

    Click image for larger version

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    Agreed! Lagging a lot!!!


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      Server breakdown today.... Post u comments here

      Server bugs ned quick maintenance


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        We know.
        We need not this anymore!
        We all know!!
        Tired of seeing this spam everywhere -.-
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          no dragon sword in dragonspine
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            this is a royal pain wth is going on with r2 they are having problems like this every week i think they need to take better care of the servers they have instead of ♥♥♥♥ aroud
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              How is it lagging? It's not lagging at all in S61. It used to lag a lot. I don't think it's the server, I think it's you. I don't know if the GM will be able to fix this... If they fix it, you might still be lagging.
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                s25 servers messed up

                Some people can't move, some cant switch Ls some cant teleport, games all messed up atm!


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                  its all servers s31 screwed as well and other games broken realm crapped out wartune as well


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                    Get stuck!!

                    What happen Glacial planes server its so lag now.... we can use skill or to kill some monster.. We are stuck We can do anything

                    fix this problem now GM pls

                    :Click image for larger version

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                      nuuhhh in our server is lagging too.. i cant move from seng... and you cant also kill.. and cant see the crystal too some of the player are stock.. up even though you refresh it


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                        Is r2 going to do anything about this? I'm stuck in the Sengolia Battlegrounds. Not fun!
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                          That is a Bug ! Fix it GM pls ^^
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                            Im in S51 and can't do anything. Can't open packages or move even.


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                              This is not lag. This is either a bug or r2's April fool's day joke. Either way it's no fun. cant do anything and it's time for almost all events.