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Fruit Creation Guide

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    Originally posted by honeyhay View Post
    can anyone tell me if we lose all the points gained in rebirth? im getting close to second rebirth, but dont want to lose the pionts i have spent crystal and time on.
    No it's permanent! They can't never be erased or ant sort......
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      Why is the level 1 Divine formula located in lower level dungeons, but we have to wait until level 80 to get the mat drops? I have to wait forever to get my magic attack fruit made, but physical attack users get their level 1 attack fruit made easy peasy. This must be a glitch and if not, it's completely unfair for magic users. Fix it!


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        Where to get lvl 2 fruit of potential formula?never drop it in pshyco or kd...


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          Nice guide i don't know much about this so thanks for the info.
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