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someone not gving me my account back

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  • someone not gving me my account back

    [(S34)Cyb3rNeO] whispers: Make LadyGirl yOur Alt
    [(S34)Cyb3rNeO] whispers: I Like My PEWPEW
    To [(S34)Cyb3rNeO]k ill send a pic in of what u just said

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    .-. whut
    I'm beginning to think that if someone cut me open I would bleed your name.


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      ok first off account sharing is against the tos because so many ppl complain to r2 about this person stole my stuff and this person changed my password and wont give me my toon back etc. they make it against tos so that they can simply say "youre an idiot sorry about ur luck, u broke the rules so we arent helping you" so you dug yourself a hole you cant get out of. maybe if ur lucky and can prove ur the original account owner then they will help u. good luck.
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        Please send in a ticket to for assistance. You will need to answer several questions to prove you are the original owner of the account before they will assist you with retrieving it.

        Please be advised, anything that went missing as a result of giving your account to someone else will not be returned.
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          Yes, lasers go Pew Pew.
          What are bugs?


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            Excuse Me .. We Just Traded AccOunt .. So whAt's Is yOur PrObLem ..


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              thats against tos you dumbass.


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                Really dude? >>
                IGN:: (S34)Skyrazor
                Server:: (S34)Void Encampment
                Class:: Rogue
                Plane:: Eidolon
                LVL:: 150 (I hope I never have to do that again >_>")
                Honor rank:: Emperor


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                  i recommend to start over again on another toon wahahaha =))


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                    That wasn't very smart of you :/