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About Fusing Fragarach Weapon

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  • About Fusing Fragarach Weapon

    How many frc should i use to fuse a frag. Weapons?

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    It takes a total of 4400 FRC to get the 100%. Then I used a Dragon Sword until I made another perfect to fuse.(Not sure if you can still fuse 2 frags though.
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      there is a shard thingy in the fragarach fuse what is it all about and what kinds of weapon can i put in there?


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        You need :
        4400 Fragarach Refinement Crystal
        500 Purified Crystal
        Fusing needs 2 Fragarach Shards

        I fused mine weapon with level 120 os weapon or you can fuse it with dragon sword.o-o,
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          can i fuse perfect fragarach sword to my auguric sword?


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            can you fuse a auguric sword to another auguric .and has any one have one to link please