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More Shifter Frag bugs

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  • More Shifter Frag bugs

    I've never been quite sure which one of the frag passives knocks off a big chunk of health from mobs, but whichever one it is, it stops working once a shifter's frag turns into Ancient Auguric. Sat in Avernal realm on a boss with no one else aside from an alt of mine, and the shifter never proc'd the leech passive of bloodlust/bloodcry. The alt on the other hand, which had a perfect frag, proc'd it several times. Something doesn't seem right when a priest using just basic attack, proc's the passive more than a shifter in cerberus form (passive from cerb form gives up to 150% aspd) and seal broken blessing of light.

    Also, I'd like to throw out that Ancient Auguric for shifter has a lvl 80 requirement on it, whereas Immortal Auguric (equivilent of Ancient Auguric for every other class) has a lvl 30 requirement on it. Might not exactly be a bug, but if you take the time and effort to upgrade it that high (and it is a lot of work....) will put you at a disadvantage against other classes if you RB and want to do low lvl pvp events against other classes.