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  • Problems with characters

    Today, when i logged to on my account and clicked on my server, i discovered that my character was missing.
    I had played just approx. 15 hours ago, and now i can no longer find the character.
    Level 35 priest "zaaacxd"

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    Did u log into a different account or did you clicked onto the wrong sever. There might be a possibilty.

    If the above is false then file a ticket then
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      Hello, how to file a ticket?


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        Originally posted by ticketCS View Post
        Hello, how to file a ticket?
        CLICK HERE to file ticket o-o
        I'm beginning to think that if someone cut me open I would bleed your name.


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          Originally posted by yosilangpo View Post
          Oh I see.


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            i tried making a ticket but it wont let me since im using a facebook account to login.. so i followed some of the players instruction to make a new character inside the account and use it as the account name but after that i cant choose the class which is required in filing a ticket... i got the same problem that Asntriad my character also went missing.. my character is already level 46.. IGN is Recommended Rank: Baron.. Server: S64 Purgatory.. I hope somebody could help me..


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              Make a whole new account here.
              Originally posted by iTz_SoN
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