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this is goodbye

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  • this is goodbye

    so i will most likely not be playing much at all any i've lost pretty much all interest in this game over the past 3 months with the fact certein people are allowed to w/e they want and they wont do anything i was insulting and beyond bullied for almost 2-3 year by them telling me to go kill myself nd they did nothing the community to me seem to becoming dead and the few left r seeming toxic to me and just want to start fight ucz there bored or steal your alt for a laugh but with proof r2 didnt care.. Even with screen shot proof r2 will do nothing about someone who scammed 3 toons wife proof but with ban others. hell r2 discord say you cant stat fight but they will allow a guy to make a name directed at me as an insult nd not care o well i heard someone filled for there money back and got so i hope i can to. it's almost like lol toxicity which is bad but w/e.. off to ff cya P.s i already left discord you will ban and take action agisnt accane but wont do anything to whale cashers who tell you to kil lyour kill yourself etc.. for years

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    You need to take a step back and understand this is a game and shouldn't be taken so seriously.
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