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Rogue stats?

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  • Rogue stats?

    I play rogues a lot in games, but haven't tried this class in this game yet. So if i pick between a shadow & Combat rogue, which stats should i
    focus on?
    ~Eternal Saga~

    Server:Aquatic Realm
    Name: Torik
    Level: 51
    Guild: fairytail
    BR: 11249
    Pet: Bad Civet, Growth- 87/Aptitude- 97/BR- 5754
    Mount: Lightning Wolf

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    well as of right now I am lvl 31 i brung my str up to raw 90 and then from there started doin 1str 2 agility not sure of how long I will continue to do that tho trying to bring my crit % up so.... but my stats atm are 125 str 87 agility patk449 hit 81 (+3%) pdef 148 dodge 115 (15%) crit is 105(27%) have around 7k life


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      In my past experience as a rogue, I was at first a shadow rogue with full agility, I had 68% dodge with no buffs or blessings at lvl 66 scion, then I went full str and I had 52% but my attack rised by 700. It's all preference if you want to crit alot then go full agility and if you want to hit hard but without as much crits, then go full str