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  • DeathAwaits
    started a topic Returning player

    Returning player

    I used to play Crystal Saga a few years ago on a lvl43 knight, but gave up because I simply was lazy. But recently, somehow I'm picking up interest in the game again and wanting to start fresh.
    I'm thinking of going for a Combat Rogue because I thought Lightstream is Kassadin's ult and Ahri's ult mixed in one pleasant package and something really irks me about Shadow Rogues, but then I heard that they will have a hard time in dungeons early on, and I want to be able to be self-sufficient cuz the last time I was online demands for Purified Crystals are decreased, so I'm also considering a Nature Ranger.
    So who should I go with if I want damage?
    I think I would play PvE (for gear) and PvP (cuz it is similar to League of Legends) equally to each other.

    I like both heavy burst and sustained damage but prefer burst.

  • pronoob
    turn blood for a while and people will forget about your buffs#16

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  • bettynibbles
    well if you like farming your items beastmaster class is a good one. the familiar is a great help on dungeons and with a proper support pet you can survive any dungeons.
    but the beastmaster is lacking on critical damage since its attribute is as full str before you reach scion... so you either cash it or slowly develop it while adjusting the power.

    BUT.not recommended if you used to the fast pace of rogue or the self heal priest.

    Priest however is often disregarded for their low on defenses since its attribute are int even after you reach scion but if you can grab a handfull of flawless gems at level 65+ we're looking at a decent(if not high) damage output and scary self healing.

    its all back to how you play it though. I use to play as priest, than people start to order me around for buffs and heal and i got fed up and leaves.
    In order not to repeat the same thing happening here i took the beastmaster... but i do admit i miss the self heal and that damage can do to mobs in dungeons.

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