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magic tower lv 20

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  • magic tower lv 20

    so i was wondering if someone can tell me what r the minimum stats that a mage needs in order to pass lv 20 magic tower or is there any kind of tactic in passing it?thanks in advance!

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    The 20th floor of the tower is pretty brutal. Basically you should really make sure you have some really good defenses including reduction before you will really be able to pass it, high HP will also help. Really, Lvl 20 is not about how fast you can kill it, it is about surviving the floor itself it seems to me. My main is a priest with some pretty high attack (over 300k) but my defenses are not the greatest, and my physical reduction just really sucks. I am straight Agi, and I dodge a lot of atks from mobs. I cannot even survive floor 20. It is rough. So, if you are not killing it right now, then I would say work on your HP and your Def and Reduction. Those are the things that are going to help you the most.

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      Tactic wise, upon entering the floor, I use Blink to get to the nearest corner (usually upper left), so that all four mobs get drawn into my stun range. Use stun combo and Balrog's Hell -- the sure-fire is if you're lucky enough to have Frost trigger. If necessary, use Ice Crystal.

      Here's an example of how your stats should [minimally] look if you hope to successfully complete the floor:

      Hope that helps a bit; good luck.~
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        your stats dont need to be that unnecessarily high to pass floor 20. just teleport past a pheonix and kite it. As long as you dont get one shot by one youll be fine.
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          i am not sure if magic tower 20 for cs 1 and cs 2 is same but as Reverie said that use teleport and immediately use stunn because phionex are fast and then make sure ur frost skill is on of frag wepon that "may pop up" and in that 3 sec stun i am sure u can clear 1 phionex rest depends again in ur stats if u can clear other 3 phionex
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