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Question for GM and experienced rogues - stats and how they work

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  • Question for GM and experienced rogues - stats and how they work


    Can someone pls explain to me how the stats for dodge and crit work for rogues.

    Attached is a screenshot of my toon, plus that of another rogue of similar stature but full str. Neither toon is using blessings and ive removed names to avoid bias. The thing i want ppl to look at and try to explain is the dodge and crit point values in comparison to the % value.

    Surely the point value directly affects what the % is but it quite clearly does not.

    My toon = Dodge 3572 (61%) Crit 1301 (64%)
    Comparison toon = Dodge 2750 (77%) Crit 787 (79%)

    Despite the expected higher values in both dodge and crit my toon has less % in both.

    So, pls can someone explain:

    Is the % value the % of times u are expected to dodge an attack, if so how does this work against the hit %, same question about the point value.
    How does the point value affect the % value, if at all?
    And the same questions about the crit points and %.

    It doesnt seem right to me, and being beaten in Avernal by far weaker toons is proof that somethings isnt working as perhaps it shud, but i'd love someone to give a clear explanation who these stats work ingame.

    thx all
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    idk but id be interested to see if anyone can explain it - seen it alot and never made much sense and the answers ive heard so far seem incorrect.


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      The fragarach weapon gives crit and dodge % and im also assuming she has displayed more void soul than you have.


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        hmmmm could be a few things as in soul for one maybe guild skills but frag is prolly one of the lager diffrence's O.o


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          yeah that cud explain the %, any idea how dodge/crit points equate into the % figure? If it doesnt whats the point in enchanting stuff lol


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            First, there are many things that give direct +% to your stats. Like Slayer's Call, Slayer's Deftness, Blessing, Elixirs, Guild Skills, Fragarach, Offhand, Title, etc.
            That is the reason why you have less % than that other toon.

            Another thing is:
            The higher your agility stat is, the less benefit you get from the point value.
            I have tested it with scion buffs. If you take off your slayers cap, note down your dodge %, requip the cap and see the difference. That is what 960 dodge points give you.
            Then unequip your cap again, get scion buffs and requip the cap. You will find out that the increase in dodge % of 960 points is far lower.

            That was the reason for me to not put a single skill point in Improved Slayer's Deftness.
            The benefit of agi is greater tho.

            Also, that other toon has a pretty high hitrate. Either using blessing of light or maxed guild skill (enhanced control and enhanced development).
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              title use "silent distroyer" gives 8% crit.. then i think he have a better soul ..


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                The Answer for your avernal question is, NO LAG + GOOD PET(HIGH DAMAGE) + MAX ATTACK SPEED + HIGH CRIT DAMAGE = HIGHER SCORE... I have lost from rouges that has 5k attack lower than me because of LAG.


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                  Im lvl 80 mortal shadow rogue i can kill scion or eidolon max lvl 90(archer mage priest knight)they die befor they hit me,invisible+stun 4sec+skill combo+invisible again+stun4sec
                  +my pet(golden teddy have char IV can silent enemy with in 7sec)=dead body