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  • Build for Shadow Rogue

    Hey! Been searching for some good guides/builds but yet not sure how to build it right so Im making a thread and would like some advices such a screenshot on your build to see how it should looks like

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    You're better off making a build that suits you b/c it depends on what type of gameplay you enjoy. Unless you're specifically looking for a lvling guide then I'd go combat
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      Combat is only good if you can kill stuff without dying... My shadow rogue can kill till F100 ladder if I actually put effort into it just through dodge, pets and Shadow strike Orb...but My build was build to how I feel comfortable...

      Er...tbh best thing to do is max stealth, Shadow Rush, Shadow Strike, Assassins Thrust, Slayers Toughness, Slayer's Deftness, Vagabonds Swiftness, Improved Clayers Call, Lunar Halo and Lunar Halo II (LV130/40) also get any Level of Blade Sweep for an AOE... Then max Slayers Speed, Slayers Sprint, Slayers March and Slayers Shadow...Atleast I've found with mine...

      rest of the skillpoints er.. just put them where you want... tbh just trial and error to what feels right for you...if you're a F2P player than maxing Slayer's Call can help you with Crit...
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      If you wanna know why I went with a Rogue well... Stealth is good for lurking in chat while still runnin through SG :cool:


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        Does anyone here have an update guide for shadow rogue, or still the same?


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          Originally posted by Aaroncarlcortez View Post
          Does anyone here have an update guide for shadow rogue, or still the same?
          Pretty much the same, combat build still sucks in pvp