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  • nerfed?

    Im not sure what happen but i seem to have lost hit rate% dodge% crit dmg% and atk speed%.

    Has anyone else experienced the same thing today? I seen a change after starting my bol seal broken

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    Hi Everbody

    Hi Everbody


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      sup noob way to make me thing someone added something constructive.

      Possible just a glitch with all the weird stuff that happens in game


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        I know when you level up your toon, the dodge hit% go down . For what reason I don't know. But that could be it if you gained a level or two recently.
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          i've been max lvl for a month now it not that. Even when you lvl it doesn't fall 5% in dodge or 10% in hit, lost 10%for atk speed and 15%crit damage

          I really should of taken a ss yesterday and i wish now i had
          (photos taken out)

          i have imbue some of my heraldry to gain more crit dmg since the 7mo old ss
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            ok sry for posting i figured it out. Some how i reset my guild skills with realising it