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AFK Auto-Attack bugs

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  • AFK Auto-Attack bugs

    Hi there. Elixer here from S54 - Netheran. I have 2 problems with afk auto-attack.

    1. Sometimes my character stops picking up monster dropped loot, both in and outside of dungeons. I didn't care at first, but then I missed 2 boss drops that were hard to get! And I solo. Well, enough said on that one.

    2. Sometimes my character is randomly transported during auto-attack DIRECTLY into the middle of a mob. This one is a killer, as I almost always solo dungeons! And I am a priest, so ranged attacks are my thing. If I was a knight, perhaps this would be a good thing though. LOL.

    Please address these issues in the next update. Thanks in advance!

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    Hello there.

    1. Please check your auto loot settings as well as your inventory if it still have a free slot to loot items.

    2. This is on what dungeon.