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Character glitch?

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  • R22674075
    started a topic Character glitch?

    Character glitch?

    Well, I was talking on world chat with the people in our server and basically for some reason I see my own IGN appearing and saying different stuff that I'm not even typing. When I scroll onto that other ign, i cant even click it and it just seems really weird.... Is it a glitch or something? They even said they hacked my account, and I'm a little scared now.

  • MemoryLane
    Just someone being a troll. You can type a line, then hit the space bar a bunch of times, type a player's name, and make it look like that player is saying things- in this case, you. Some people do it in fun, but others get mean with it. Look at the line of chat directly above the line that shows you saying something, that's the person who making it look like you are talking.

    It's not okay for someone to say they have hacked your account, or to use chat like that in a manner that makes it look like you are breaking any rules, so if it happens again, take a screenshot and report the player doing it.

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