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Report Aya(S75) from the GM

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  • Report Aya(S75) from the GM

    im reporting Aya from the server S75
    because His a Scammer
    i trade my 10PC and 40HW for 299crystal pet
    but he gone offline
    and some player Scam them too
    Example Zerano lost 70g from Aya
    its true
    dont trust AYA anymore

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    If you buy from an casher look first if he is really an casher and preferly buy from lvl 40+ they played the game longer so they might know how it feels to be scamed.


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      before u buy/trade/sell anything related to crystals or even high amounts of money and items, do not trust, "doubt".... ask ur friends or any high lvl player if the person is a trustworthy person. its better to buy/trade/sell to someone with a high lvl/well known/trusted/and has a good reputation than those low-level guys. if a low-level player wants to buy/trade/sell u something, its better to ask that player to use his/her main character. and if u got tricked file a ticket to gm's or mods, provide as much as information needed (hope this helps u out)


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        Thread moved to General Support.

        Unfortunately, there are no refunds for poor trades conducted by unethical players, nor is it a punishable offense. You're trading on "good faith" and need to be sure that who you're doing business with is good on their word. Next time, make sure who you're dealing with can be trusted (ask World Chat for their reputation, etcetera) and proceed with utmost caution. At the least, you can warn other players on your server about said scammer and prevent others from being duped by them.