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  • Suggestions/Nag

    Hello. I'm finally posting here D:<
    First of all I would like to suggest new policies to add. Like for instance there are obv not gonna be any problems ending but it would be more suggestible to lessen them. Like this one which I have seen many webs have in policies and they're better off believe me: English only in main chats. Those being trade and world chat and forums and local chat.
    Some might think it unfair cuz they're new to it but there are non-english versions of this game and the fact you choose this one in particularly is all up to you etc.
    But this racism needs to stop and that fact that there are many conversations in other languages going on in local main chats, most are now resorting to racism.
    I'm not generalizing but when people talk in another language as a group, one might assume it's about them if they don't understand. And a lot of times their assumptions are true! In defense they start insulting the nation because of a group of players etc and then discrimination occurs. And if that group didn't do it then it sure does start after that.. it's a cycle I wish to end >.<

    Second one is about LG. Now I'm not here to nag about the bug though it's unfair if it registered because one side had no option of winning. But w/e point is I think outsiders should be allowed to go into a seperate map. where they get to witness the fight. I'm sure many would love this idea. Would make it quite fun.

    And now.. the subject doesn't entirely lie so here's the nag
    Fix my ring buff and gimmie my VIP back pl0x D:<<
    It was paid for already.
    Both of which.

    Please and ty ._. no refunds or anything either I really need 'em both!!~
    Last edited by Strix; 10-07-2012, 01:42 AM.

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    Please file a ticket for us to check the possible error on your account.


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      I did file a ticket ~ ~; and now that it was paid for twice I expect 60 days ;D and the rest of my xtal. and second purchasing pushed it through.. >:/