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Blessing of Light (Seal Broken) is it bug or?

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  • Blessing of Light (Seal Broken) is it bug or?

    Blessing of Light (Seal Broken) as mention in the description supposed to be self-buff?But if you happen to click any player and activate the Blessing of Light (Seal Broken),you will still be able to buff others too.It's a bug or now any Seal Broken blessing is able to buff others and also buff yourself?

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    Should only be able to cast 1 seal broken buff per 3hrs. Either on yourself or another player. Are u able to cast it as much as u want? Or is it like i said?


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      Like ragex0411 said, you can buff this to other players aside from yourself. Also, the 3 hours cooldown activates upon using the skill to yourself or to other player so it cannot be cast as much as a player wants. Therefore, there is no bug with the Blessing of Light