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Im having difficulties entering my servers?? Please enlighten me

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  • Im having difficulties entering my servers?? Please enlighten me

    I am able to log into my account, however when I press on the link to my server (S76) and (S51) The screen tells me "502 Error
    It appears the website you are trying to visit is having technical difficulties or is no longer available.

    Please go back and try your request again or try searching Google to find another website with what you're looking for!"
    and I have no problems with the internet on my computer so Im wondering if it's a difficulty with r2, and when it would probably be resolved. Thank You

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    Thread moved to General Support.

    I don't see S76 listed on the Server List yet, however I will test S51 to see if I encounter any similar issues.

    There does not appear to be an issue with the server itself, as I was able to successfully login with no troubles (displayed below with the server timestamp). There are a few things you can try to see if it fixes your 502 error: clearing your browser history, cookies, and cache, using different browsers, restarting your device/router, refreshing your browser session, and/or manually changing your DNS/IP address.
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