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gold glitch abuser

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  • gold glitch abuser

    New server s76 already have players cheating who are abusing a glitch.

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
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    Thread moved to General Support.

    One cannot blatantly assume a player is glitching or abusing the system without screenshots of said glitcher confessing they did so or caught in the action of doing so. If you believe a player is violating our rules, you may report them via ticket here: You will need to provide a reasonable means as to why/what you think they are abusing and your grounds of claiming so (I.E. more than a screenshot of a toon and ranks), as it is very possible to gain gold through other means unrelated to abuse. The GMs will review your case and determine if there's enough grounds to take action on.


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      LOl this is a new server..... there are no events during that time which increase stats that much... plus to obtain that much gold in the space of 4 hours with no economy.. is impossible that is why it is being raised.....obviously...

      Ok so please inform me how she has 4k attack? during no events and her gold has increased significantly where as the other top gold rankings haven't? So you are saying people can use the glitch as long as they dont admit it? is that what I gathered from your post?

      Also I have sent you an inbox with my ticket number which i guess you failed to read first... detailing all of this and my suspicions.
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        As previously stated, the GMs will determine their action plan based on the evidence you provide via ticket, here's the link again: You may include your detailed means of suspicion there as forum moderators have no control nor grounds in-game. With that said, your report regarding said player must go through the ticket system. Might I clarify my initial post, should you have read it -- unless you provide a confession of said player glitching or a screenshot of them in the action of doing something illegal, your case will not be as solid.

        Originally posted by Reverie View Post
        One cannot blatantly assume a player is glitching or abusing the system without screenshots of said glitcher confessing they did so or caught in the action of doing so.
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          Click image for larger version

Name:	glitch.png
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ID:	1694002 here they go again its 30mins to reset this person wasnt on gold leader boards all day...............