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GM PLEASE READ cancel character deletion

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  • GM PLEASE READ cancel character deletion

    today on my nerves i deleted all my characters,but now i regretted it and i want them back.

    PLZ do something and give my characters back,you should have a back up of them.

    it was 1 character on s(23) with in game name "_GIORGOS_" in this account that i write now,
    and i also have one other account in s(23) again with
    account name "qazsews"
    and in game names for my 3 characters there
    "qazsews","ROBEN",and "TOMIX"
    also i have one more account with name "asterath"
    that has got 2 characters 1 on s(23) with in game name "fog" and 1 character in s(30) with in game name "asterath".

    i can't send ticket because it requires to select character and now i haven't character.

    please help me and give me back my characters that i deleted. i regretted for their deletion.

    thanks in advance!

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    Create a dummy character on a server that you don't play on for the purpose of filing a ticket. Then go file a Support Ticket providing the info of your nearly created character.
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