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Ticket requires immediate attention

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  • Ticket requires immediate attention

    I have been ripped off by the company, filed tickets and got no response. It's been nearly 2 weeks now. If i do not get my crystals refunded by the end of the day I will be going after them for money rather than the crystals they scammed me for. 160424 169057 are the ticket numbers, both separate issues. As you can see I'm very displeased as a paying customer to be treated this way. The ticket system is a joke!

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    Your tickets have been forwarded, and will be responded to when the individual assigned to your ticket is online/on-duty. Keep in mind that if a monetary refund is issued, the account receiving the refund will be banned as per our Refund & Chargeback policy.
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      That's quite funny. They try to steal from people and if they can't get away with it they ban accounts. I'll be sure to document that just in case. Thanks for your help.


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        Ticket requires immediate attention

        171077 is the ticket number. Spare me the **** about gm's only answering tickets on weekends, i know there is ALWAYS someone around to answer a ticket, ESPECIALLY one that is this important. Unless of course R2 wants to let it be known how they have broken countless laws and how many players are entitled to a full cash refund ~ in full detail~ I suggest someone responds to my ticket immediately.


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          Thread merged.

          Your ticket has been forwarded, and on the contrary, specialized individuals who address tickets are [usually] off-duty for the weekends.
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            Got a pretty quick response this time. Can you verify that R2 Fannie has not been on duty for 8 days?