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  • I Have A Question!

    GM Stormegaddon,

    Why does a PKer Level 31 Have 5526 Physical damage, 12406 Physical Defense and 10674 Magic Defense.
    A character from S56 Seira Island, this is weird. Is it hack or what? Did that character already been Banned.
    xD so strong player level 31 have 5k+ damage wakakak. Haha. xD Thats all.


    Character ArcaneREvOL .. i want to name it ArcaneRevolution actually but can't.. Hehe... why can't name more than 11 Character.
    Server: [S56]Seira Island
    Guild: Nightmare
    Class: Rogue[Shadow]
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    That player might be in Sengolia/Delivery or Crystal ladder


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      You may have been seeing their stats while they were in Crystal ladder, Delivery battlegrounds, or Sengolia battlegrounds. Any of those places scale the players stats to enable them to "compete" more evenly with other, higher level, characters.
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