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Way to ruin a game :P

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  • Way to ruin a game :P


    I was wondering why this game turns out to be a cash only game. Goddess was the first step in that direction. The selfbuff is ridiculous strong compared to regular buffs.
    Now they added sperion and guess what.. the items needed to actually morph it aren't even drops in the new dungeons.
    I solo'd them both, all attempts.

    Besides that, there are even drops that are only usable when you use crystals. Like that shiny orange giftbox that got dropped for me.
    It takes only 1k crystal to open it.

    The cost to synth higher level sperion gems is really huge. It takes a massive amount of purified crystals. But the daily pc gain is pretty limited.
    Means that you simply have to cash the gems in the item shop ($12 per lvl 7 gem) to compete- not only for the gem bonus but for the gem buff.
    Do you give me the vault space to store those gems please? They are all bound. I have to toss them to be able to play this game.

    The Soul Print is not a drop of the dungeons, so you can level up your sperion to lvl 20 for an additional 20 atk/def, but you won't be able to morph it even with all the ressources you burned in the new dungeons.

    Oh well, at least they gave something for the non-casher in my server. A GMUT Exchange with limited attempts.
    Not like the lag isn't high enough already, no, you simply tell people to make tons of alts, level them to 30, all day long AFTER you merged several servers into 1.
    Thank you for more lag, R2.

    And isn't it pretty unfair to merge new server with old servers and then, after the old servers enjoyed the original GMUT Exchange, giving the new nerfed Exchange to the new servers just to still not let them catch up and to tempt them into cashing?

    I'm highly disappointed about the things that are going on here. I'm a casher, I do have my Hellwing, still, I do not support all the things that keep non-casher in an unfair disadvantage. Soul was okay, it's getting more expensive for higher ups, you need to cash really much to get truly op, but all the recent additions.. oh my..

    I don't see the point of non-casher playing this game at all.