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Plz help me!

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  • Plz help me!

    I've been afk in monster island west near the ogre snowtossers. ive been afk for about 30 mins now and still no morphed ogre snowtosser. WHY is it so hard to get a morphed ogre? i dont want to use my mc because that would be a conplete waste. Plz reply back. Thank you

    •Class:Knight (Working on hybrid-ish 😊)
    •Server:S51Cimmerian Woodlands
    •Level: lv.60 ( Uber Nub x.x)
    •Pet:Golden Teddy Bear+13 💯. Super Demon :cool:
    •Please give credits to google for helping you with your homework. Thank you :) ✌

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    I think it depends on your luck. Once I was trying to get a morph bear cub but it actually took me 2-3 hours to get one. That was when I was level 30. Well keep going afk until you get a morph ogre snowtosser.
    ~NatsuGirl (In Celestial Peaks)

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      Yeah it's all random. Once I got 4 morphed vultures in 20 mins o.o
      Gone... for now,


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      -Sun Tzu