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recharging issues

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  • recharging issues

    ok the story is i recharged 4000 balens using moneybrooker. on the moneybrooker system its show the money has been sent, and transcation has went through. but on the game system the admin said the transcation was incomplete. asking to check with the marchant, i have the screen shot to show the transcation from moneybrooker has processed. so wat should i do now???
    someone pls advise.. opening ticket doesnt help. they keep replying asking me to check with moneybrooker. like playing ball kick here and there..
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    Moneybookers usually take 1-2 days for the payment to be fully processed. Please wait patiently 1-2 days for your payment to be processed.
    If after 1-2 days the balens you paid for has not been delivered then report back here.
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