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enchanting is bad

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  • enchanting is bad

    i dont know if any of you noticed how bad the enchanting has gotten i have a pretty good system with no lag and i have used thousands upon thousands of mec and smec to enchant gear for it to do nothing but fail over and over and over again r2 new news flash it is not my fault that your enchanting is garbage i have wasted many items that took months to farm for it to just fail at such a rate i will not cash anymore on this game til you fix the problem i tried writing u a ticket and u tell me some generic answer like send me a screenshot of it failing how in the hell am i suppose to show u that on a screen shot another thing that pisses me off is how enchanting was fine one day before u added all this new now it is just i speak for the majority because i have personally spoken to them about there problems with your enchanting system there just afraid to say because of your generic answers that u give to all of us so im going to stand up and be heard and say what they wont say cuz they worried bout there toon getting banned for a short period of time im going to say it is your fault r2 that your enchanting is like it is we spend our our earned money on this game game for in game stuff to be always bugged fix your game r2....IGN server 32 moongoddess

    quit sc rewing people and maybe people would cash more
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    i agree on this 1, was 1 reason i never chas no more since i sell items for gold and buy enchnting stuff and all it does is fail, even at 70% failing 4 times strait is stupid..>,<


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      they edited all my words guess now they understand im being serious bout my problem and i had the balls to say about there game i know u guys are having issues just like me


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        Profanity on the forum is not tolerated, "serious" or not. You're more than welcome to rant and rage about our game, but I have no problems closing your thread should you continue speaking with your "balls". :3


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          yes sir no problem

          it has got over 30 views i have accomplished what i set out to do
          other people are having the same problem

          sir or maam which do u prefer?

          oh i see u don't want to have a witty conversation with me it is ok because in the end no matter what u do i win because i control how much cash goes into this game u have nothing to do with it i can still play your game for free it doesn't require me to cash anymore see rather than fix the problems u guys just give generic answers like u cant be at fault for something several players are experiencing all across the server so in short your selling your selfs short but us not cashing u have a good day since u dont want to talk with me about screenshots and stuff which are impossible to show u have a nice night
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            I totally agree with the enchanting as it took me about 5 weeks if not longer to enchant my frag, which i know is not normal as i have been enchanting frags....and im having the same issues again.... so many fails... So i know its not on my end as many ppl are having the same issues, so it has to be R2.. I have cleared cache, cookies, scanned my computer cleaned it all and still having issues... So i totally agree that its R2 with the issues and not the ppl having the issues.... So maybe you could look into it.... but then again you probably wont...


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              ty ty for ur input just goes to show u there are people having the same issue 2 points us r2 0


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                I think it be cool for devs to look at this system also. I waste tons of mecs just on evil beast gear just to get +7~+13 and that takes weekes/months of farming
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                  again ty for your support in acknowledging there is a problem with there system


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                    The enchanting rate is horrible! And to make matters even worse, the drop rates for DC went down when PC were added as a drop! It's extremely frustrating and I've heard so many people complain about it also. Please look into changing this, or i fear many more people will quit! Servers are so "dead" anymore. And it's no fun when after countless tries and tons of resources to have to build back up to where i started from, time and time again!
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                      your enchanting system is [poop] just used 250 more mec for plus 3

                      sorry didnt know C r a p
                      was stared out
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                        comeon people.

                        is perfect frag good? is auguric good? evil beast +13, even slayer +13 - good?

                        is good stuff hard to get? yup it is

                        try enchanting green savage weapon to +13 with tons of magic dust you will see


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                          damn this is irritating. a stack of DC and didnt even get to +11 and not 5 times fail from +9 to +5 to frag.. am starting to hate this game..

                          am starting to like quit this game for good.. it just irritates me more than have fun..>,<
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                            nothing is bad as long as it is a plus. a point can be a big difference of dealing 2k damage in a hit. But enchanting is ardous


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                              i know its hard but for more than 54% and fails like 8/10 thats ridiculous.. its like that % is not even related..