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My game has reseted?

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  • My game has reseted?

    Well today i come back to play again Crystal Saga and when I entered my account showed me the window to create a new character because I had not saved any character, which is impossible because I had mine with what I've always played. However I tried to create a new one with the old name and the name was valid. Someone can explain me what is happening?

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    Thread moved to General Support.

    First make sure you are logged in from the account you originally used to create your character on. If you are using the right account, confirm that you are accessing the original server where your toon was created. You can only access your character from its server of creation.

    If you have not logged into your character for a certain amount of time, it may have been deleted as per our automatic deletion sweep, that is assuming it meets the terms for said deletion (

    If your character was level 20+ or you had Crystal in your pack, another explanation might be foul play. If you had a pilot (which is against our ToS by the way), said pilot may have deleted your character for reasons only known to them.

    With that said, creating another toon with the same exact IGN as your previous toon overwrites the data of the old toon, so at this point, your chances of toon-restoration does not look good. You may still file your inquiry via ticket to see if there is anything else that can be done for you:
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