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Bloodelar and Dragon Crystal drop rate

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  • Bloodelar and Dragon Crystal drop rate

    OK! first of all..everyone need this two item to upgrade their Fragarach shard Correct?
    the problem is this two item drop rate is very very low,imagine i do Relic NM 5/5 and i get only 1 Dragon Crystal and 1 Bloodelar
    and to upgrade Fragarach Weapon u need alot of this two item...wich is i think is not good and the price for this two major item is really really getting very high..perhaps r2games can reconsider to increase the drop of this two item
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    Drop rates are pretty random, it's hard to tell just how bad/good they are based on a few runs.. For example, yesterday on 24 runs (8/8 Den, 8/8 Relics, 8/8 Psych) I got an amazing total of.. 3 Dragon Crystals, and 1 Bloodelar. Today's 24 runs yielded 14 Dragon Crystals, and 3 Bloodelar. While doubling the efforts of the first attempt would be nice, the latter would make the items feel way too "cheap".
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      i want know where is bloodelar drop place pls


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        Sacrificial Relic's is the only one I am certain of.


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          BSE only drops in Sac Relics. But for DC it is actually a pretty rare drop in there. It is supposed to be hard to upgrade your Frag. DC drop in SR, KD, and Psycho all NM. But you will get most out of Psycho NM. Also using MEC to enchant your frag to +4 will save you DC.

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