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Getting ban

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  • Getting ban

    Is it true that i will loose all my items when i get banned ?

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    A ban simply means that you will be restricted from accessing your character. Banned characters are not deleted, so your toon and its items will remain in the state it was prior to the ban until the ban is lifted, if it is lifted.


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      Thanks for such quick reply. Now reason why i'm asking, one of my guild mate asked if i could do IoB and CoF for him, and i said yes in the end. So i was playing for him for roughly two months, two months ago. Since i know it's against your TOS i would like to ask what kind of ban can i expect for it? I know it looks silly that i'm reporting my self, but i would rather do this than let certain people have pleasure out of it or blackmail me later. In case of perma-ban can you please give me some time, so i can give my stuff to my guildies ?


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        Sorry for replying with my alt >.<


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          The duration of a ban, if issued, is entirely dependent on the GMs. Each violation differs from the next, as does the penalty against the player.


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            thanks for info :3