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  • seriously .. ?

    so ive been playikng this game for over a year . Lately i get this FB error that on and off keeps me from loging on for extended periods of time . Sinc ei cant log in into my mains account, i tried sending a ticket from alt account... and went everything is filled up and rdy to go , i press send and it says to correct the info i sent in, but it comes back blank has it was right before i sent the darn ticket

    So idk hopefully a GM sees this or i can get my ticket to go through but here it goes ( what i wrote in the ticket )

    My main acc is bound to FB . Its been telling me for days on and off that there is an error and simply cant log in . Im tired of this **** and i just would like to get a regular account, either bound to my FB email or jsut a username - pass . Idk anything but fb connect . This is rly impacting my gaming experience and its not getting any better .

    ps: about this trove place, make parties allowed, ull get a lot lot lot less complaints


    yeah i felt entitled to complain about trove too =P and im not some low lvl that never cashed, im still having issues . So yah .

    never the less . Ill cross my fingers.

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    Tried this?
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      mmm although i go through forums often enough, or so i thought, i never saw this

      also, btw, im one of thse people who tell others off when they post about obvious stuff they cant get resolved, so now im part of them *laughs at self*