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  • Drop rate


    I'm level 69 currently in s77 ShadowMoon
    I'm killing zodiac like normal everyday, but I got nothing from it for many times in a row. Does the difference between the player and the monster affect the drop rate at all?
    I have the same problem when running RV NM and got no FSE for a few days now

    Help plz

  • #2
    The level difference between you and the Zodiac bosses will affect the items dropped (if anything at all). After some levels difference, the bosses will cease dropping loot and the only purpose Zodiac bosses will serve is for Zodiac shards. As for FSE, that in itself is a rare drop, so it's not unusual not to see those dropping on a regular basis.


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      Ok, I got the zodiac part now

      But for FSE, I don't think I'm that bad when I got zodiac buff for 300% drop rates for 3 days and still got no FSE in all 8 runs.


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        Drop buffs and tokens do not affect any bosses. The heightened drop rate only applies to regular mobs.