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Random server disconnection...

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  • Random server disconnection...

    Everyday I play, whether I'm sitting in Starglade talking on World Chat, going through dungeons, or AFK and working an alt... I have been losing connection with either one or both of my accounts. Then I have to refresh to reconnect to the server and re-login my other account again...

    I don't know, whether its just me or its something in the S1 server. But this has been happening, since the Beastmaster was added....

    I hope you guys can figure out why this is happening and can fix it.

    Thanks, Krad.

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    Thread moved to General Support.

    If disconnecting from the server is not happening to the entire server all at once, there's a good chance it's something from your end of the connection rather than the server's. It can be anything from weather conditions to a lag spike that is booting you off one/both of your accounts. This being the case, you will want to check up on the condition of your Internet source/device or even resorting to using wired connection instead of wifi if you are.