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Scammer on server Shadowmoon?

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  • Scammer on server Shadowmoon?

    Hi his username is Wizard. He offered via world chat to "trade his last 1k crystal for gold". I PMd him, gave him 2p for the Slick Hairdo and Oktoberfest Breeches I was going to buy, then he ran off saying, "it said they will be in your inventory in 15 min". Is there any way to get my platinum back? and if not, can you please ban the user? although I guess he could just make another acc...Anyway, I don't have proof but I know for a fact that the user scammed other people in the server. I posted via WC and got several responses from others that they got scammed. Any help would be gladly accepted.

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    Costumes are tradable if they have not been worn, so this could have easily been avoided if you had utilited the trade method. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for poorly conducted trades, nor can they be punished as it was a scenario of carlessness. The only thing you can do at this point is warn other players of the presumed scammer and think future trades through thoroughly (I.E. asking around to see if the trader is legitimate, etc).


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      how bout costumes that are in bundle? are they tradable too? if yes. then my costume is bug or something.


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        Costumes obtained from special holiday packs are not tradable.


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          New Scammer on Shadowmoon..his username is GodHand


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            As previously stated, you will need to use your better judgment when interacting with other players. Scams are 100% avoidable if you proceed with caution.


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              Yeah I realized that costumes were able to be traded but beforehand I had no idea. I'd never worn a costume before


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                I guessed that there was nothing to be done, but I had hoped otherwise. Thanks for taking the time to respond anyway