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Bug when Purcharsing Crystals.

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  • Bug when Purcharsing Crystals.

    I just made an order to buy 2000 crystals (19.99 USD) and I didnt received it yet. The real problem is that I made only 1 order and in my account shows that I made 4 orders. 1 is completed and 3 are incompleted. I only received 1 e-mail of payment sucessfull. I don't want to be charge for 3 extra orders. Lol. Waiting for a aswer of a Moderator, GM, or someone who can help me.


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    You will not be charged for any orders listed as incompleted - the word itself indicates that the transaction failed. In regards to having yet to receive your purchase, if this was your first purchase, it may take up to 24 hours for your goods to be delivered.


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      Dear Reverie,

      I just received my crystals, thanks for your fast aswers, i was worry about beeing charge for those orders, but if u say it wont be, im fine then.
      Thanks alot again.


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        Anytime, happy gaming.~