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Check ticket #229789

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  • Check ticket #229789


    I sent 3 tickets already but forgot the number on the other too.

    So could you check this one please.

    Thank you.

    Ticket #229789
    Server: (S73)Green Plains
    IGN: (S73)Aura
    Level: 180 eido
    Class: Rogue
    Guild: 憎悪 (Hatred)

    "You can read, but knowledge is only information.
    Wisdom is translating that knowledge to application."

    K - Rino

  • #2
    Your ticket has been forwarded. For future reference, if you are filing tickets regarding the same issue, you'll want to keep them in one ticket rather than several. Scattering your case will make things a bit more complicated for the team to deal with. It is preferable to have all the information in one case.