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What's Broke Now?

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  • What's Broke Now?

    Hate to come off with this one, went to work.. everything worked fine.. 12 hours later.. now I try to log on and after a few minutes it Just kicks me at random saying Login failed..

    What got broken now?!? It happened literally about 13 times in a row .. this is more then a little frustrating..

    Also.. freezes when logging in to account.. Also Freezes or locks up as the server loads.. Also freezes and locks up when loading character screen.. Also freezes and locks up as it logs into game.. Also freezes and locks up and after 2 minutes the Login Failed pops up yet again... all these freezes and locking up issues actually disconnect me everytime, 90% pops up with Login Failed..

    Looks to me like something important got broken pretty good.. can we find a way to please fix this login issue?

    My TIme is Limited.. so I think i'll catch a few moments of sleep to give time for the game to debug itself and work correctly like its been doing for the year ive been playing.
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    Me too, I went from having massive lag issues to now being kicked for sitting idle for a few mins. And I know what will be said "Clear cache and cookies" well that doesn't work.
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