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  • Dragon Hunt

    Hey I played dragon hunt today and had 4 green tokens, and got 4x mana combat flasks, 1 hour afk card, and an elixir of striking and when i clicked claim rewards they did not show up in my inventory. Do they go somewhere else, am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else had this problem?

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    Rewards from the Dragon Hunts are placed in your Temporary Storage. Open your Inventory, and on the right side of that panel you'll see Temp Storage (it'll be flashing green, since you have items in there).

    Double click on anything in your temp storage that you want to be put in your inventory. Items left in Temp Storage stay there until you remove them, so feel free to leave stuff you don't need or have space for. However, items that have a time limit on them (such as mounts won from the dragon wheel) will expire if you leave them in your Temp Storage.
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