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    Once again the incompetent staff rears it's ugly head. Not only do I get muted for no reason (no cussing, no flaming, just responding) I now get muted automatically once the first mute expires. For no reason whatsoever.

    This is ridiculous. You cater to the idiots who spend 3 thousand dollars on stat points but it's a free to play game. I didn't even say anything but 2 words before getting muted the 2nd time, and they weren't even in world chat. Obvious favortism is obvious.

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    Unfortunately, our staff members don't have enough time in a day to monitor each and every server's chat. We strongly rely on player reports when it comes to chat violations. If you have a concern about why you are being muted, you may file a [civilized] ticket here:

    Cashing honestly has nothing to do with who is muted. Anyone and everyone who violats our chat rules are muted if they are reported to us and/or if a passing staff member stumbles upon a reason to give time-outs.
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