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wireless gameplay is terrible

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  • wireless gameplay is terrible

    dont know i couldn,t find anything or other post bout similar topic so started fresh one,
    and i'll try to explain this best way i know how , this seems to be a constant issue with r2 games ,cause i tryed other games just to make sure it wasnt just crystal saga
    i'm getting disconnected very often and im having to reconnect or , refresh the page so many times it has become o nuisance, and sometimes the game is actually closing my connection to my router cause the icon that says im connected will go red , until i either close the browser or refresh the page sometimes refreshing doesnt work and have to close the browser completely down for my connection to reconnect,

    im using windows xp 32 bit , 2.4 ghz, 2gig ram , 80 gig hard drive . netgear usb wireless adaptor for the net. , with all the people out there using wireless net nowdays i figured this wouldnt be an issue very long , but ive been playing for months now and is never an update that resolves this issue

    if i didnt add something else u need me to add let me know

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    I'm sure your issue isn't extremely uncommon, but personally, I can say that I've had little to no issues using wifi -- a bit of lag here and there, but that's the extent of it from my end. If playing using wifi isn't working out for you, you may need to resort to using wired connection instead.
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      Alright, so a wifi connection is not ever going to be as stable as a wired connection, especially if you are using a USB wifi adapter. Your system is also a little outdated, which is going to make the game run slow regardless, so a wired connection is the way that you are going to want to go anyways.

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        well yes i know that a wired connection would give me less disconnects thx for that info though , would just like them to look into the matter of the game actualy closing my connection , ill go play awhile and get a screen shot of it actually closin my connection if that will help , let me put it another way u will might understand me these r2 games i love playing there very cool but it not only happens on crystal saga on , shadow bound and others . just to prove myself right i went and installed dragon oath , a huge game and i ran it for over 6 hours no disconnects at all from it , now im not saying its a better game or anything im just saying why can it run with 0 problems and these are constant 1 or 2 a day would be an ok thing not 20 times an hour
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          Because it is a client. When all of the main pieces of the game are saved on your computer it is going to run a lot more smoothly because you are pulling less information from the server. It does not matter what game you play, a client is always going to be more stable than a browser based. Always.

          If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?