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Ladder disconnection issue

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  • Ladder disconnection issue

    I was doing ladder with my friends and I got disconnected from the internet and when I logged it had kicked me from ladder. GMs this is not fair I only got
    disconnected. I think if you just get disconnected it should keep in ladder when you log back in.

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    You should try the search function before demanding fair treatment. This has been asked and answered many times:

    When you disconnect in ladder you remain inside it as long as there is a teammember still on the same floor where you dc'd.
    When you disconnect in ladder you get kicked out of it when all teammembers have proceeded to the next/still standing on previous floors.
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      ok so i entered ladder and the screen wouldnt load. Was just stuck... so guess what had to refresh and would you believe it.... it took my attempt imagine that
      another great job R2.....