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Holy Favor Question

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  • Holy Favor Question

    Is holyfavor white or green stats? I know that they dont stack, but still curious as to if thye are white or green, i getting conflicting answers on my server. Any help would be helpful thanks.

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    bump anyone?


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      Green stats? White stats? Hmmmm lol what you mean? From what i know there's only 1 type and those are just Stats.


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        White stats can be effected by mount,pixie,soul, green stats are what they are, like wings (until divine) they get no boost if it says 1000patk, its 1000patk thats it, with divine wings if it says 1000patk, and u got 150% mount it iwll give you 2500patk from that or whatever it works out too. But i wanna know about HF since i getting mixed answers


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          One: There is no text to hover over to see the "total" stats of your current divine favor level, whichever bubble youre currently up to thats what you get, they dont add up.
          Two: The stats you get from HF are indeed increased by your bonuses. You sometimes have to relog for the bonuses to take affect though.
          Hopefully that answers your questions.
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            suggestion - note your stats before and after an upgrade and see what the difference is compared to what it says the difference will be.


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              I will test this later this evening to check. This is a good question and has me curious also. So I will let you know as soon as I test it and get a difinitive answer.

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                Ya im working on it aswell DF 8 atm, but 1000 more points to go, and prefer to do buy dungeons unless im sure its whitestats, then imma cash it straight to 20 cause if white thats some crazy stats.