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I cant log in to my account im in server #79

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  • I cant log in to my account im in server #79


    Why is this happening, it started last night server is always logging and delayed most of the time and now i cant log in. its been a long time waiting, i almost memorize what the introduction is showing. We'l i'm disappointed.

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    [Thread moved to General Support]

    I have just tested S79, and aside from a bit of lag that I do not normally encounter, there doesn't appear to be any serious issues. Are you encountering an error when attempting to login?


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      no error posted in the main screen sir but it indefinitely looping and looping all over and over again.. my connection is good here. i dont have to worry with my connection. what would be the problem with this? thank you for your quick response. please do help and solve this minor problem i think. thanks


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        By "looping", are you referring to the infinite loading on the gamescreen?

        P.S. I'm not a sir.