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  • Connection Error

    This is the second time that I was booted out on the day Maintenance is to take place.
    Once I was in ladder and my character just would not move and I was sent to character log in and it said Connection Error. I refresh and log in my character and in 2-3 min again sent to that page.
    It would happen for hours until I get fed up and log off.
    I changed my password and cleared my cache.
    I asked in world chat and many people have the exact same problem and DC the exact same time I do.

    This is the second time and only happens to some people including myself after reset before maintenance.

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    Do you happen to have a screenshot of the error?


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      I did not take a screen shot because I was in a party for ladder and I kept refreshing to hurry back in.
      I was lucky someone waited for me a few times than level 17 I was in Tree of life and I got upset and logged off.
      I did not think to take a screen.
      I was talking to friends they said I should post here.
      If it happens again next maintenance I will definitely take a screenshot.


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        When reporting connectivity errors, the team will ask for a screenshot so they have something to go off of. Should it reoccur, do post the screenshot here and I will forward it to the team for further review.


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          S77 login is down, says failed to connect to server. Appears alot of servers are down.


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            Originally posted by raged0411 View Post
            S77 login is down, says failed to connect to server. Appears alot of servers are down.
            I will forward S77 for the team to check.

            The team did not encounter any login issues. If you are still running into problems, you can try the following: clearing your browser history, cache, and temporary files, restarting your browser session, using different browsers, using a proxy, and/or manually changing your DNS/IP address.
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