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  • DC every hour/10 min

    Hi i have a question
    we play on 2 computers this one never DCs and the other keeps DCing every 10 min to an hour and last week we had no DCs at all so i dont know what it could be does anyone know or have a clue what it could be?? thnx in advange!

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    There have been rumors that people with VIP wont be booted while server bandwidth is maxed but people without it will. Does one account have VIP while the other doesnt or did the one have VIP at one point?

    Order of Disconnection when server is maxed (Least likely to most likely)

    Current VIP >>>> Never VIP >>>> Was a VIP but canceled

    Main Char with VIP vs Alt Char never had VIP >>>>>>> Main Char will stay logged in
    Main Char had VIP vs Alt Char never had VIP >>>>>>> Alt Char will stay logged in
    Main Char had VIP vs Alt Char had VIP >>>>>>> Both may get booted
    Main Char with VIP vs Alt Char with VIP >>>>>>> Both will likely stay logged in

    ****Note this speculation is what I have heard/witnessed and is in no way to be taken as fact and does not represent R2games
    ****Also note that from a business standpoint. A person that has canceled a program that they started will likely not return. So, why benefit that person while you have other potential buyers

    Then again it may have something to do with your router, firewalls, or computer in general. It may be a variety of things.
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      both have VIP thanks for the reply but it still keeps kicked out i cleaned out pc updated everything i dont have a clue and this is new we never had this problem before


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        Forgetting about how the 2 pc's are connected:
        Are they both or either one wired or wireless, if wireless try wired since it has the least interference and most stable connection.
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          Do you use the same browser on both PCs? Do they have the same operating system? Do they both have flash updated?

          I know Chrome has been giving me issues lately, which is why I stick to Chromium.
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            Having VIP for sure does not affect whether you are going to dc or not. I have VIP and so does my husband and we DC all the time. I think I actually DC on my main VIP toon more than I do on my alt that does not have VIP...

            Chrome was giving me major issues on my desktop with not loading and getting DC all the time so I started using IE on there. I HATE IE with a passion but the game actually works better for me in IE than Chrome and Firefox...
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              No exually same laptops same processor and and they both wireless and the one using google chrome never gets kicked the one using explorer does but that pc is used for work also he works at home for HP computers and they have a deal with windows so he isnt aloud to download chrome on that one but that shouldnt be the case since it didnt happen before thanks for all the response


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                o yea and all updates were done even reinstalled flashplayer and they both new laptops


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                  Been having major server lag and getting kicked off every 10-15 minutes too. My ms meter stays green the whole time and nothing/nobody else is using any bandwidth, so I know it's not me.


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                    For .guppie I'd like to suggest to try the problematic pc with a wired connection. Could be some equipment interfering with the wireless reception.
                    For R22789640 I have no idea, only that the ms isn't leading, only an indication, and bandwith goes further than just your home. So again I'd suggest to provide server and ask around if others there are experiencing the same problemsas you.
                    I bet I'll get shot if I say again clear everything right?
                    Le derp alt. I remembered I'm logged on this account after I posted.
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                      omg >.> now today my does the same every 5 min !!!! this sucks and the other comp has like half the time less dc what is happening?!?! this way we cant continue the game i really hope it will stop or we will i tried everything even wired this sucks we spend loads of real life money in to the game allready so i really hope it was not for nothing