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Character bug

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  • Character bug

    I just created a character named "TheWhisper" class "knight" level 11-12 not sure,and when Ileft the and log in again the game it doesnt shows me that i've created it,and I didn't deleted it.When I try to create a new
    character with the same name it shows me that there already is character with this name,that character i've
    create which i can't see,like it doesn't exist.Can someone tell me why it happend like that and how should i fix
    it.Administrations please fix this bug or delete this character so i can create it again with the same name
    because i really like that name.

    In "Amethyst forest" server i forgot to say.
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    [Thread moved to General Support]

    Are you accessing the original account and server the toon was created on?
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