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Character missing from account :(

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  • Character missing from account :(

    I would like to seek your assistance with investigating the loss of my character, with the IGN of ShinjiKai. The issue occurred when I was disconnected while in the game, then proceeded to log back in to my usual server, Server 78 (Crystal Spire).

    Upon logging back in (using my Facebook account since it was connected and the main account login) and upon reaching the character select page, I was prompted to create a new character, which I found weird. When I got back to the character select screen, my old character ShinjiKai (a female Ranger) was not in the list. Same outcome after re-logging in several times. I was just about to do a recharge for 2000. I hope that my old character can be restored.

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    Upon checking S78, I did find that your character still exists. Check to make sure you're using the original account the toon was created on. The character is bound to its account of origin, so you will be unable to access it from any other account. You can also try clearing your browser history, cache, and temporary files to see if your toon pops back up.


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      Thanks for the quick reply. I have not changed the way I log in to the game account since day one. Click on "Log In", then click on "Log in with Facebook" (attached 2 screenshots below, just to make sure).

      And I just noticed that the name on the greeting has changed, from "shinjikai" to "addiekai",which I attached a screenshot of the change.

      Could there be a possibility of a glitch somewhere between the servers somehow got stuff mixed around...?

      If there is a way you can provide me with the "glitched" log in details, that should be able to resolve the account and the character being disconnected...?

      Kindly advise

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        It is not the result of a glitch between servers and "stuff getting mixed around". Each character created is bound to its server and account of origin. There is no way to access the character by any other means.

        The fact that you indicated the change in greeting name implies that you must be using a different account as it is not possible to change your R2 username once it's been selected. If you are still certain you are using the exact account the toon was originally created on, you will need to file a ticket here: Briefly explain your issue, and the GMs will review your case from there.

        I have also searched through our forum database and there does appear to be a profile under the name of "shinjikai". That being said, this issue does seem to be the result of logging into an account different from your original account.
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          There seems to be a mix up between a social-linked login (for example, Facebook), with a normal account that was signed up for. I have been playing for a few days now, and nothing has changed in terms of how I log in, where I log in, and which character I use (only 1 character in the "proper" account).

          I opened a ticket prior to posting this in the forums, in the hopes that there will be a simple enough solution to remedy my problem.

          WhenI got disconnected initially, I was ready to recharge upon logging in, luckily I noticed the changes....


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            Does this look familiar?


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              Yup, the join date seems spot on. I was looking for some guides. As usual, the auto-linking of the game account and forum account seems to be woking fine then, why not now for some weird reason...


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                Given the fact that you've confirmed the "shinjikai" profile, it does seem to be nothing more than an issue with logging into the wrong account. How you're managing that, I can't say, but at least we know where your toon is and why you're unable to access your toon from the current account.

                If both "shinjikai" and "addiekai" are linked to your (one) Facebook, I can see where that'll become an issue as it's no longer recognizing which account it's supposed to be logging into. When players create multiple accounts directly through R2, they are unable to register using the same e-mail address for obvious reasons. If you've linked multiple accounts to your Facebook, you may need to have the team unbind an account to prevent this same issue from reoccurring.
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                  Believe me, I am just as puzzled as puzzled about this whole thing as you are. And imagine this, caused by a stupid disconnect while I was playing. I'm pretty sure nobody will take a second look on this character, considering her Boxing Bear is stronger and higher than the character itself... Hahaha...


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                    Hopefully the team is able to sort out your login woes soon. And nevermind your pet being stronger than your toon; I've heard of some OP pets that can single-handedly take out other players.


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                      It actually works perfectly for me, since I was building it up to be the actual tanker to help with my levelling... Haha...

                      Originally posted by Reverie View Post
                      Hopefully the team is able to sort out your login woes soon. And nevermind your pet being stronger than your toon; I've heard of some OP pets that can single-handedly take out other players.
                      Thanks. Have all fingers crossed
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                        Well, finally got it fixed. Facebook and it's authentication wizardry messed up. They got the email addresses mixed up, along with the authentication string that was provided to your servers when I logged back in after that weird "disconnect". What it did was basically split my "account" into 2 separate entities. 1 with existing and functioning character (aka ShinjiKai), and a new one that was created as a "secondary, thus unrecognized email address.

                        No need to do any fixes or changes. Luckily this is done with

                        Yeap, she's back

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	SK.png
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                          Glad to see things were fixed pretty quickly. Happy gaming.~


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                            By the way, I'm just waiting for my initial recharge to be received... How long does it usually take, roughly?


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                              First transactions may take up to 24 hours for your goods to be delivered.