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Stuck in "The Soldier's Might (Main)" Quest

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  • Stuck in "The Soldier's Might (Main)" Quest

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    Just as i finished the quest with my rogue and killed 2 of each NPCs with new blade, before completing quest by talking to [King Valcroy-Secretonia] got dced and when i relogged after a while, i was in Starglade and unable to complete my main quest. Please take a look at this problem asap. Thnx

    S57 Eternal Sanctum
    Character Name: Grasshopper

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    oh u guys already have a thread for this sry -_-


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      hahah happened to me once i was trying to take the dragon sword out with so i tried to refresh the page and i got stuck on the same task as you
      so i had to make a new character

      but the good news is that you can get back there and finish it You can do so by visiting Remmington (Weapons Vendor) in Starglade and having him transport your back there
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